Smyers photo Lakeland Development

Urban Density and Population Growth

Urban density is an issue of special concern to my campaign because this is causing massive congestion on our roads and creates substantive traffic issues. There is the problem of where new Lakeland residents can or will park and especially how it will affect traffic. I want to be a part of a solution to that issue.

Additionally, I want to streamline the zoning process and support a smart growth plan that will prevent sudden shifts in zoning laws so that our citizens who desire peace and quiet aren’t unfairly bombarded with capricious zoning changes that undermine that ambition.

My goal is to explore funding avenues towards programs that will incentivize developers to focus on housing for single-family households as a means of honoring the fine families of Lakeland.

I also want to keep Lakeland households for Lakeland citizens. I believe that big companies don’t have the right to infringe on private citizens’ rights to private housing. I would strongly support programs that would be aimed at preventing this.